About Me

Check out some of the stuff I’ve done over my career in the industry.  Here’s my resume tape.


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23 09 2010

Hey Mr. Jay… great job!! and idea of promoting your self, you could change the
color of the about me bio it’s hard to read or that could just be me. Keep it up
sooner or later it will happen for you, then I can just turn the TV on and watch
you. Your hard work….. and learning from the bottom up will payoff, it’s just
a matter of time.

Love…. Sonny

24 09 2010
Jay Tust

Hey Uncle Son-Man!

At jtsports24, we aim to please! Check out ‘About Me’ and hopefully we’ve taken care of that little problem…

Thanks for the feedback. We hope you decided to just on board as an avid follower!

Talk to you soon,

24 09 2010

jtsports24, great site! What’s the criteria for being named “jock of the week?”

Keep up the good work, go Cougs!

PS – Where can I get a red turtleneck? Holiday season is approaching and that’s what I’m a wishin.

15 10 2010

TUST IS A MUST!!! Your blog looks great and your resume tape is IMPRESSIVE. Watch out Eric Johnson! I agree with Uncle Sonny…your Bio although very creative is hard to read.

Keep up the good work!!

Go Cougs!,

P.S. you should ask your friends to post this on their facebook. When I get home tonight I will…this way you can grow your fan base.

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